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Classes + Workshops
 Art Adventures Powered by Creative Play! 

 Inky Hands Studio wants to unleash your creative super powers by offering classes and workshops that are designed to awaken your natural creative talents; enhance your creative confidence; provide you with new skills; and and provide you with a safe creative environment where you can reconnect you with your creative spirit and find joy in getting your hand "inky." 

Inky Hands classes and workshops introduce students to famous masters of art, inspire them to explore the elements + principles of art, and excite them with 2D and 3D design thinking and STE(A)M challenges as they create their one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Participants will enjoy experimenting with drawing, painting, fiber arts, 3D sculpture, papier mache, printmaking, collage, pastels, foil + inks, nature art, upcycle crafts, cardboard creations and more. 

High school printmaking class
Youth Classes
Educator workshops
Adult Workshops
Beautiful dreams street sign
Paint P​​arty
 Add a splash of creativity to your next party. 
We offer a variety of art party packages 
for kid, adult and family gatherings.
Let your child unleash their creative super powers to create 2D+ 3D masterpieces in one of our art adventure classes. 

Our adult workshops are designed to awaken your natural creative talents and enhance your creative confidence.