The Inky Hands Story

Making the world a happier, healthier, and more beautiful place through the power of art.        
Inky Hands Studio wants to help you unleash your creative super powers by offering workshops that are designed to awaken your natural creative talents; enhance your creative confidence; provide you with new skills; and strengthen your community connections through collaborative projects and hands-on learning opportunities.

Arts Integration + Creative Play  +  Inventiveness  +  Creative Confidence  +  Personal Well-Being  +  Kindness  +  Community Building  +  FUN!
Lynne Cassidy, M.Ed.
Welcome to Inky Hands Studio!
Hi Everyone! I have created Inky Hands Studio to remind you how much fun it is to get your hands "inky" and to simply make "stuff". The world can always use a little more "handmade happiness" so I am here to help you unleash your natural creative super powers so that you can use them to make this world
a happier, healthier and more beautiful place.

At Inky Hands Studio I want you to....
Owner of Inky Hands Studio
Professional Licensed K-12 Art Educator
​Cerified Arts Integration Specialist (2018)
Creative Maker