Arts Integration is an ​​ approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts.

Sample Lessons

Bilingual Books for Bolivia
Eco Art Marble Runs
Land Art

Arts Integration

Lynne Cassidy - ​​ Resume
Professional K-12 Arts Educator, Arts Integration Specialist + Owner of Inky Hands Studio  
Arts integration uses the visual arts, music, theater and dance to teach academic subjects. From science and language arts, to math and social studies, this hands-on learning method engages children of all academic abilities. ​Incorporating art into your classrooms will  innovation in the classroom strategy for successful learning and can compliment any STEM, STE(A)M or PBL curriculum. Training is available for K-16 parents, educators and administrators. 

Inky Hands Studio wants to ​​​​​​​support educators in rural Colorado by providing local professional development workshops in arts integration and choice-based arts education. Arts integration strategies can also be utilized to develop authentic STE(A)M and PBL lesson plans and units. These workshops will engage teachers in hands-on learning experiences that demonstrate how they can connect the arts with a wide variety of academic content areas and collaboratively design authentic arts integration lessons that can foster higher order thinking, an innovation mindset, and increased motivation in the classroom. ​​​

As an Arts integration Specialist I can be a valuable resources for planning and delivering professional development workshops for your organization, bringing awareness and understanding to school adminstrators and staff, and supporting collaborations among teachers and community partners, such as cultural institutions and teaching artists. 

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About the Instructor 

It is with great joy that I am offering arts integration workshops. With more than fifteen years of experience teaching diverse K-12 student populations and six years of experience as a program coordinator and director, I possess the unique qualifications to help your organization promote its goals in designing innovative Arts Integration, STEAM and PBL programs for all students. My educational background includes a M.Ed in Educating for Sustainability, a BA in Art
and a professional Arts Integration Specialist certification . 

I am currently serving as a K-8 art teacher at Carbondale Community Charter School, where I have designed a choice-based arts education classroom that promotes Arts Integration, the Studio Habits of Mind, Design Thinking, STEAM and PBL (project-based learning) teaching methods. I work closely with faculty to design integrated curriculum and develop assessments that align to Colorado Standards and meet the needs of our student body.

My greatest strengths include: working collaboratively with students and teachers; designing programs; coordinating resources; cultivating community partnerships; strategic planning, program organization; researching and designing academic curriculum and programs that utilize Arts Integration, STEAM, PBL, and Design Thinking pedagogical approaches; and fostering relationships with diverse groups of students, teachers, administrators, local organizations, business and school communities.

I look forward to having the opportunity to share my passion for arts integration with you.