Arts Integration
is an ​ approach
to teaching and learning through which content standards are
taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts.


When designing assessments for arts integration lessons it is helpful to design your assessments first. You want to clearly define your students learning outcomes and then look for content standards that naturally align with these outcomes. These content standards will be taught through your content specialty and assessed equally throughout your lesson.

Types of Assessments you can use: 
  • „Diagnostic– Used to identify current knowledge.
        -  Pre & post assessments 
        -  Entry/Exit tickets
„        -  Interviews
„        -  Observations

  • „Formative– Proides feedback during instructional process. Views growth over time.
    -  Homework
„        -  Reflection journals/sketchbooks
        -  „Peer reviews 
        -  „Informal presentations
        -  „Portfolios – on-going
        -  „Visual Thinking Strategies
„        -  Critiques

  • „Summative– Used to sum up learning at the end of the instructional process. Assessing mastery and performance levels. Assessment oflearning.
    -  „Checklists
    -  „Portfolio – culmination
    -  „Rubrics
    „-  Tests
    „-  Essays
    „-  Capstone projects
    „-  Gallery show​

*Note: An overview of grade level standards listed in sample assessments can be found between page 7-9 in the content booklets.