Arts Integration
is an ​ approach
to teaching and learning through which content standards are
taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts.

Foundation of Arts Integration

Inky Hands Studio recognizes how the arts spark the imagination, foster personal and social development, and promote collaboration, communication, and innovation. That is why we provide integrated arts programming for students of all ages, and offer professional development workshops for educators, teaching artists, school administrators and community members.​​​​​​​​​​

What is it Arts Integration? 
Arts integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessedequitably in and through the arts.

Why use it?
  • Integrating the arts is a high-leverage strategy in improving student understanding and presentation of knowledge.
  • Promotes collaborative lesson planning that supports interdisciplinary learning and systems thinking.
  • Positively affects students’ cognitive abilities that are assessed with standardized test scores (Appel, 2006).
  • Increases student motivation and active engagement in their learning.

How can I use it?
  • Teach your content specialty first!
  • Look for interdisciplinary learning opportunities that naturally support your art standards and will easily align with 2-3 standards in another subject area.
  • Collaborate with another content teacher to plan a lesson that is grounded by the content knowledge of both specialists and aligns with standard(s) in both content areas. Students should already have prior knowledge of the content that will be used for this lesson.
  • Start small and GO FOR IT! Teach the lesson using your specialized content lens to infuse the content together so that students are learning both content areas equitably.
  • Assess student learning in both academic and art areas. Evaluate for mastery in your specialization area and look for growth and understanding in the secondary content area.

Who can use it?
Arts integration can be used by  educators , school administrators , teaching artists  and community members.​​​