To complete your registration please e-sign this form below. 
This form is required and must be sign by the parent/guardian of each student before starting a class.  
You may also download  this form and bring a signed copy with you to the first day of class.    

In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I agree to accept any and all determinations of need for medical assistance and/or administration of medical attention deemed necessary by a INKY HANDS STUDIO representative. I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by a INKY HANDS STUDIO representative to secure any and all medical, hospitalization, dental, and/or surgical treatment.
In event medical attention is needed from a healthcare provider, all costs shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

I expressly agree that INKY HANDS STUDIO may use photos, video, sound recordings taken of me and/or my child(ren), for any purpose, including use for publicity. In addition, I agree that INKY HANDS STUDIO shall have a fully-paid, perpetual license to use photographs, copies or reproductions of any work of art produced in its studio by me and/or my child(ren).

I hereby acknowledge, agree, and accept the risk of injury inherent in any physical activity or program, including particularly, the activities offered
by INKY HANDS STUDIO. Such risks may include but are not limited to falling, bumping, risks from abrasions, scrapes, cuts, broken, sprained or
bruised limbs, injury to eyes, consumption or inhalation of paint or other media, as well as risks from the actions or omissions of others. As such,
I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless INKY HANDS STUDIO, its owners, members, managers, instructors, affiliates, agents,
employees, successors and assigns, from any and all injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, medical care, death, damages, claims, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including attorneys’ fees and court costs resulting from my, my child(ren)'s, or my child(ren)'s caregiver’s participation in a program or presence on INKY HANDS STUDIO premises or other location where INKY HANDS STUDIO may conduct art instruction, except as such may arise out of INKY HANDS STUDIO gross negligence. I hereby release INKY HANDS STUDIO from any damage or loss to any of my personal property. I understand and agree to all of the terms of this Permission Form and all questions that I may have INKY HANDS STUDIO. I acknowledge receipt of and agree to the INKY HANDS STUDIO policies. 
Parent/Guardian E-Signature: I hereby acknowledge, agree, and accept the conditions of this Permission/Authorization form.
Date Signed
Initial only if you choose to withhold permission for any Emergency Treatment Release.
Initial only if you choose to withhold permission of any Media Release.
Primary Care Physician