Arts Integration
is an ​ approach
to teaching and learning through which content standards are
taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts.

Teaching Artists

Arts integration uses the visual arts, music, theater and dance to teach academic subjects such as science, language arts, math and social studies. This type of hands-on learning method engages children of all academic abilities. Professional teaching artists enhance arts education programs by sharing their skills and providing meaningful, real world learning experiences to students.  

Inky Hands Studio offers specialized arts integration workshops to artists who want to share their skills and talents in a classroom setting. This workshop will provide opportunities for teaching artist to develop foundational knowledge of arts integration and teaching strategies, and instruction on how to design of interdisciplinary lessons that address the arts, core curriculum subjects, and connect to the Colorado State Standards.

We welcome professional artists with any level of teaching experience, from those with little teaching experience looking for foundational knowledge in arts integration; to experienced teaching artists seeking to enhance and refresh their craft.